Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11 You must know

Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11 You must know

Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11: Today I this article we will sharing Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11 . So if you want to know What are the special features of Windows 11? Then don’t forget to read the article compeletely.

The Windows 11 began carrying out to qualified gadgets on Oct. 5, complete with a new plan and a lot of new elements pointed toward smoothing out your PC and assisting you with being more useful.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing your gadget at home or in the workplace, these new provisions will make your life simpler.

Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11 You must know

Remember, however, that Microsoft is delivering Windows 11 in stages, so not every person will approach it right away. The more established your gadget, the more you may need to hold on to be provoked with the upgrade.

Here are cool and best features of Windows 11 we’ve seen declared up until this point and how you’ll utilize them, in light of what Microsoft has illustrated.

Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11

#1.Android apps

What it is: Android apps will be incorporated into Windows 11 locally through the new Microsoft Store – a change Windows clients have been looking out for quite a long time.

Know, nonetheless, that help for Android apps isn’t important for the main delivery rendition of Windows 11: It will accompany one more delivery in the coming months.

However you could get to Android apps on your Windows 10 PC in specific cases (like on the off chance that you have a Samsung Galaxy telephone), Windows 11 will check whenever everybody first will actually want to download them straightforwardly onto your PC.

How you’ll utilize it: Once Windows 11 can deal with them, Android apps will be in the new Microsoft Store through Amazon’s Appstore.

That implies you’ll have to download the Amazon Appstore to get to the almost 500,000 apps accessible there, including Disney Plus, TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest and Uber. In any case, you will not have the option to get to each Android application found in the Google Play Store.

At the point when now is the right time, you’ll need to download the Amazon Appstore and sign into or make an Amazon account.

Then, at that point, you’ll have the option to look free of charge or paid apps as you would on some other stage. Android apps will be incorporated into the Start bar and will likewise show up on the Taskbar with their own windows.

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What it is: Windows 11 adds Widgets to the interface – an AI-fueled adjustable channel that slides out to show you such information as news, climate, a brief look at the schedule & plan of the day and the new photographs . Gadgets are like an element called news and interests found in a new Windows 10 update.

How you’ll utilize it: On the newly updated taskbar, you’ll discover a button for Widgets.Also, when you tap it, a board will slide out from left half of your laptop or desktop screen with a progression of gadgets that give you the initially data whats you are searching for. You can also extend it to be full screen if you want.

#3.Microsoft Teams

What it is: Windows 11 forms Microsoft’s video talk stage Teams straightforwardly into the working framework, making it simpler to access for every day use. You can interface with others in Teams across Windows, Android, Mac or iOS.

How you’ll utilize it: You might see Teams show up in the taskbar. If not, you can look for it. Snap the Teams symbol to dispatch a Chat apparatus, allowing you to pick assuming you need to message, message, voice or video call one of your contacts.

Snap Meet or Chat, and pick contact of the person who you want to contact. Or then again, open the full form of Microsoft groups by tapping the crate at the lower part of the Chat screen.


What it is: Windows 11 lets you all the more effectively make separate virtual desktops for each piece of your life, and alter them with various backdrops, so you can make a desktop for individual use, work, school, gaming or whatever else, and effectively switch between them. This is like the MacOS virtual desktop include.

Top 6 Best Features of Windows 11 You must know

How you’ll utilize it: Tap the desktop button on the taskbar to spring up a board with your present desktop. Tap the in addition to fasten in the New desktop region to make a new desktop. Tap the X button to eliminate it. Then, at that point, tap a desktop to change to it.

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#5.Snap Layouts

What it is: When you’re working in a lot of open windows, Windows 11 will allow you to organize them in various designs on the screen, and will save those windows in that plan.

How you’ll utilize it: When you open a window, you’ll see a button that resembles a square in the upper right corner, in the middle of the X and the limit button.

Drift over that to see distinctive format choices for that window, and select the design and the situation inside the format that you need to put that window.

#6.Snap Groups

What it is: Snap Groups are the arrangement of open windows that you saved in Snap Layouts, found in the taskbar for simple admittance to call up by and by, so you can limit or amplify them collectively.

How you’ll utilize it: Hover over your program in the taskbar (it’s hazy on the off chance that you should utilize Microsoft Edge to do as such, as Microsoft did in its demo).

You’ll see the various gatherings of locales and apps you made spring up. Snap the one you need to open the entire gathering once more.


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