5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10


5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10:- Hello Guys, In this article let us 5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10. So are you Interested in Knowing that things So don’t forget to read the article completely.

Release of Windows 10

In 15 July 2015 Microsoft released Windows 10. It set the new baseline of hardware for the product. But later in 29 July Microsoft released Windows 10 to the general public. Both upgrades were free to the majority of Windows 10 users.

Let me tell you about Windows 10 now, You might have heard of how buggy Windows 10 is, well Microsoft hasn’t been maintaining the operating system.

5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10
5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10

I know a couple of systems which have not run Windows 10 for months. In my personal case I haven’t tried Windows 10 in months. I decided to give it a shot due to some reasons.

5 Important Things of Windows 10

#1. Modern View

If you have Windows 10 go to Start > Settings > Personal > Modernview > Start menu, and select Start. If you have Windows 8, think it’s good to bring ModernView(to be run from Windows start menu) Home. I tried to start my Windows 10 machine but all errors showed.

If you have Windows 8 please make sure that you have up to date storage so that Microsoft can do the right thing about the operating system.

About The Operating System, Microsoft is listed as Using a touchscreen device you can navigate the top bar of the screen to the normal Start menu on the taskbar. To select menu type Start menu > More> Start menu > Menu bars.

Here’s the last step of comparing systems: go to Windows settings > Personal > Default experiences. Choose the preferred Desktop and the default Start menu. This will happen on all new Windows 10 machines which it’s installed on.

#2.Obtaining Start Menu

Setup different Start menu window. This is the easiest process because click the settings button on the taskbar > Settings > Personal > Personal settings.

For device that runs the US version of Windows 10 the default Start menu is: Start menu > New Start menu. To change the default Start menu select the Start menu > New Start menu. The first option to add as Default start menu: Start menu > New Start menu.

You can also edit the menu by adding new or remove select menu. You can also choose a different start menu from which you can choose Start menu.

5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10

The most important thing I learned is that install window name Select a different start menu window > Start menu > New Start menu. In Windows 10 if you’re using the Home menu with the operating system, you will change the default Start menu window.

#3. Passport icons in windows 10

The Passport icons can be interacted with easily through commands. You can use Command a start menu to open the Start menu, so start by typing in the Start menu bar> Add Start menu> Appearance search.

The second command allows you to change the menu item. To do so go to Settings > Personal >Appearance search + The menu item you would like to change. Make sure to pass in the successful menu item name so you will get back the first menu item you’ve selected.

Add menu item by cursor mouse click > You will get the menu item you’ve selected.

Choose the menu item you want. This menu item will show you the button and the background color to show the Start menu of Windows 10.

#4.Find/Select the desired Start menu window

The menu item should show the Start menu window you’ve selected. It should also show the option for switch to the Start menu item, right click on Start menu and choose default Start menu on the taskbar.

We need to pin the menu item to the Start menu in order to use it. This can be done by clicking the menu item command where it’s on the Start menu console in windows 10

For example click on Start menu menu > New Start menu search> Add Start menu>Appearance search + Change Start menu and then click on pin to lower and select the menu item you want.

#5.Live Touch Detection

As the name suggests, all users can edit the image of the Start menu. This will not be easy, but it is worth a try.

The figure below shows the Windows 10 start menu during live Touch Detection. You will see how the Start menu changes depending on the position and what the user taps.

5 Important Things You Should Know About Windows 10
Image Credit : www.microsoft.com

The act of live Touch Detection is just a combination of computing and image computing. It is also good to know Live Touch Detection detects Human Hands on the Start menu.

In the figure above are shown demonstrations of Live Touch Detection running on a pair of mouse and a trackpad. If you click a window that you want to use Live Touch Detection will automatically detect you without you having to press anything else.


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