How to Speed Up Windows 10

Today I will be sharing How to Speed Up Windows 10. If you’re a lover of a virtual manual installation, then read this article to discover what quick steps you could take to quickly increase your Windows 10 speed.

How to Speed Up Windows 10

Steps To Speed Up Windows 10

1. Antivirus software

First, you should understand where to begin. With the best antivirus software, it is actually not a difficult task at all. However, most people prefer to save that money for more important things – like a faster computer, or better graphics.

2.Check is it working version of Windows

The first thing to remember when trying to boost Windows 10 speed is to actually have an actual working version of Windows on your laptop. Virtual systems just drain system resources. They also slow down overall performance because they are designed for mobility.

This means you will not be able to use your laptop for anything other than surfing the web if you choose to use a virtual Windows installation. In the same respect, using one of these programs will make it extremely hard for you to use your laptop to perform tasks like word processing or emailing other people.

3. Clean Up Errors

The second thing you can do in order to speed up Windows is to clean up registry errors. If you don’t have one, then you should consider getting one. A complete cleaning and repairing of your computer’s registry are a must-do for every user.

The reason is that the registry is the center of your operating system’s operation. Even the most minor error can seriously decrease the performance of your computer.

4. Clean Up Unwanted files

If there is a problem with the windows installer on your computer, then the window’s menu will eventually display the names of the programs that have failed.

This is due to the fact that the uninstall function will often leaves files and programs in the wrong places. This can significantly decrease the performance of your PC, and is why it is advisable to get a windows repair program if you want to speed up Windows 10.

5.Unnecessary system resources

Another thing that slows down windows 10 are unnecessary system resources. One example of such a resource is the “registry”, which contains all the information and settings about the Windows operating system.

Every time you add or remove programs from your machine, the registry is modified. This leads to the registry becoming fragmented and damaged. This means that whenever your computer tries to open a program, it will take more time and energy to find and load it properly, slowing it down to a crawl.

6.Unnecessary programs

Speed up Windows 10 by getting rid of unnecessary programs and using fewer tasks to run is to clean up the registry manually. The registry is much easier to manipulate than you think, as it contains just about every piece of information about the Windows system, including every type of profile that has been saved on your hard drive.

7. Remove Damaged File

All you have to do to start speeding up your pc is to locate and delete the broken or damaged files in the registry, thus improving the speed of your computer.

8. Clean up Temporary files

Another good trick to improve the speed of your computer is to clean out all the temporary files that you have stored in your computer. You can do this by running a “disk cleanup” on the right-click menu of your desktop.

When you select this option, it will bring up a list of files stored on your hard drive, giving you the ability to choose the ones you do not need anymore.

9. Close running Programs before shut down

To speed up Windows 10 even further is to increase the size of the startup programs that it uses, as well as the programs that automatically load when you reboot your machine.

Many of the default settings for your computer, such as the start menu and task manager, take up a lot of disk space, which makes your laptop slower as time goes on.


I think you learned How to Speed Up Windows 10. Please share this article with your friends and relatives. Also if you found any mistake in this article make sure to comment down below in the comment section.

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