How To Logout From Amazon App [2021]


Today I will be sharing How To Logout From Amazon App. If you are a regular customer of Amazon, you must have used the Amazon App Inbox to sign in to the Amazon Services account.

When you sign in with your account at Amazon, you are required to use your main email ID and password.


As soon as you have successfully created your account with Amazon, you can also use it to logout from any app that is signed up on your phone.

However, there are some security measures that must be followed to complete the process of how to logout from Amazon app.

Logout From Amazon App

There are two methods that you can use for how to logout of Amazon app Services. The first is to use the standard method, go to the profile there will be a log out Option click on that and you will be successfully logout.

You will then be taken to the main Amazon website. The second way to complete the process of logging out is to use the password change link in your email. This is a more secure method of logging out.

How to Change Password

The first thing that you have to do is to find your Amazon Services account. You will then use the ‘aws’ Admin’ interface to get your account details. The first step here is to find the “Change” link that is located in your email address book.

Once you have clicked this link, you will be able to access the page where you will be given the option of changing your password.

The next step in how to logout from Amazon app is to enter the new password that you have created. The new password that you are entering is the one that you have used for signing up on the Amazon Services signup page.

For example, if you were signing up as Amazon user, then you would use your user name instead of your real name. Make sure that you do not use your full name as your password. Use something like your middle name or something similar as your password.

Once you have successfully logout from Amazon app. The next step that you have to take is to click on the “My Account” link that is located at the top right corner of your screen.

On the page that you will be redirected to, there will be a link that says “Change”. Click on this link to access the page where you will be given the option of changing your password.

The third step is to follow the instructions given on the page. On the “Change” page, you will see a link that says “New password”. You will need to enter a new password for the account.

It is very important that you write down the new password that you choose. Never write down any other passwords that you may use because this means that it can be accessed by others who have access to the account. When you are done with this step, you can then click on “Submit”.

Create An Amazon Account & Make Order

Follow the onscreen instructions to submit the account. It is important that you do not close the window or any other windows that are open on your PC.

Once this step is complete, you will be provided with a message that says “You successfully created an Amazon account”.

The Amazon sign up page is very easy to complete. When you are done with signing up for an Amazon account, you can now use your credit card to purchase items. If you have not yet purchased any items, you can do so now.

When your order is completed, you will receive an email from Amazon. You will then be prompted to confirm the order.


I think you learned How To Logout From Amazon App. Please share this article with your friends and also please comment down below if you find any mistake in my article. Also check Howtotips for more updates.

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